This is the home for the podcast Assault Of the 2-Headed Space Mules, created and hosted by Douglas Arthur, cartoonist of the long-running independent comic strip Tales From the Dougside.

Assault Of The 2-Headed Space Mules began its life as an on-line radio station on Live365.com back in 2001, and was reborn as a podcast in 2011. Host Douglas Arthur takes you on a journey into the weird and wonderful underbelly of pop culture‚Ķsomething that is harder to do as “geek culture” takes over the mainstream. The podcast was originally hosted by Apple using their iWeb application, and was moved to Podomatic.com in June of 2012 which allowed for publication on iTunes. As it has outgrown Podomatic, it now moves here to WordPress where it launched as a feed to iTunes in June 2018.

ALL episodes, and future episodes will be available here on SpaceMules.com.

Feel free to leave a comment or email me at spacemules@yahoo.com or visit our facebook page at facebook.com/spacemules

Thanks for listening,


Douglas Arthur,  updated 11/5/18



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