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Episode 35: Urgh! Music Goes To War!

Douglas Arthur is joined by guest hosts Michael Noble of Hotchka.com and Jim Fitzsimons of Dimland Radio to discuss the cult classic concert film Urgh! A Music War! which features performances of many of the great punk, post-punk, and new wave bands of the late 70’s and early 1980’s, including Wall Of Voodoo, Devo, The … Continue reading

Episode 34: The Best Albums You’ve Never Heard: Traci Lords’ 1000 Fires

Join host Douglas Arthur for an in-depth look at the 1995 techno-dance album 1000 Fires by former 80’s porn queen Traci Lords. Full of great beats and sonic surprises!

Episode 33: The Little Match Girl

Released at Christmastime 2014, host Douglas Arthur evokes the melancholy spirit of the holidays with a recitation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fable, The Little Match Girl.

Episode 32: The sexy secrets of Lair Of the White Worm!

Host Douglas Arthur is joined again by Jim Fitzsimons from Dimland Radio for a fun and in-depth discussion of Ken Russell’s little seen 1988 camp-horror masterpiece Lair Of The White Worm.

Episode 31: Bonus Mystery Outtake Show #4!

Douglas Arthur hosts another fun filled clip show of outtakes, bloopers and tangents from previous episodes featuring Jim Fitzsimons and Michael Noble! What’s in here? Who knows? It’s a mystery!

Episode 30: Godzilla vs. the Geeks!

Episode 30-Godzilla 2014 Join Host Douglas Arthur and his usual cohorts, Jim Fitzsimons, Michael Nobel, and the internet whisperings of Rick Arthur as they discuss the new 2014 American Godzilla movie directed by Gareth Edwards! A roundtable of geekery if there ever was one!

Episode 29: What is your quest? Johnny Quest!

Episode 29- What is your quest_ Jonny Quest! Host Douglas Arthur is joined once again by Dimland Radio’s Jim Fitzsimons on a rollicking race through the history of one of TV history’s most courageous and intelligent cartoon series: Johnny Quest! Originally posted in early 2014.

Episode 28: Best Albums You’ve Never Heard: Glueleg’s Heroic Doses

Episode 28- Glueleg-Heroic Doses Your host Douglas Arthur takes a look at the 1995 regional underground release, Heroic Doses, by Toronto band Glueleg. Heavy metal with a horn section. Good stuff.

Episode 27: Best Albums You’ve Never Heard: The Residents’ The Commercial Album

Episode 27-The Residents Commercial Album Host Douglas Arthur ventures down the rabbit hole of strangeness to take an in depth look at the weird musical canoodlings of the Residents’ 1980 release The Commercial Album!

Episode 26: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

Episode 26 The Tell Tale Heart Released near Halloween 2013, host Douglas Arthur gives a spirited reading of the classic Poe story The Tell Tale Heart! Great for the holiday or anytime!

Episode 25: Antisocial Lawnmower, FantaCon, and You

Host Douglas Arthur talks about his experience at FantaCon 2013 and the release of his new book Antisocial Lawnmower!

Episode 24: A Quick One While He’s Away…

Host Douglas Arthur talks about his then upcoming book Antisocial Lawnmower and appearing at FantaCon 2013, and how it predicates him not making new episodes for a few months.

Episode 23: An interview with The Unbelievables

Host Douglas Arthur interviews the members of that merry band of internet pranksters, The Unbelievables! This involved crossing 8 times zones on two continents! Featuring music by Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience!

Episode 22: Best Albums You’ve Never Heard: Crispin Hellion Glover’s The Big Problem

Host Douglas Arthur takes an in-depth look at one of the quirkiest albums of all-time, the 1989 release by actor and writer Crispin Glover: The Big Problem. Featuring music by the infamous Barnes and Barnes (which included Lost In Space’s Bill Mumy!), and the strange vocal stylings of Crispin Glover alternately reciting his writings and … Continue reading

Episode 21: Bonus Mystery Outtake Show #3

Another fun-filled show of outtakes, unused bits, and unrelated tangents featuring Jim Fitzsimons from Dimland Radio! You never know what you’ll get!

Episode 20: In Search of…In Search Of…

Your host Douglas Arthur is joined by guest Jim Fitzsimons from Dimland Radio for a nostalgic look back at the wildly influential syndicated TV show, In Search Of… which was hosted by Leonard Nimoy and featured mini-documentaries on a variety of paranormal and unexplained phenomenon including Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, UFO’s, and more!

Episode 19: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Originally released on Christmas Eve 2013, your host Douglas Arthur gives a spirited reading of C. Clement Moore’s classic holiday poem!

Episode 18: The Toys That Time Forgot!

Your host Douglas Arthur is joined by Marissa Rapier as they discuss life in a big family and the ghosts of toys from Christmases Past! This heartfelt discussion covers everything from Milky, The Marvelous Milking Cow to Alien! The Toy! Originally released near Christmas, but a great listen any time of year!

Episode 17: Best Albums You’ve Never Heard! Pajama Slave Dancers: Blood, Sweat, and Beers!

Your host Douglas Arthur delves into one of the strangest albums of the 80’s, Western Massachusetts band Pajama Slave Dancers‘ 1987 album Blood, Sweat, and Beers! Chock full of comedy gold, surf rock, country twang, and proto-rock/rap, this one has it all!

Episode 16: Bonus Mystery Outtake Show #2! More Dead! Less Red!

Bonus Mystery Outtake Show featuring leftover bits from Episode 15 with Michael Noble! So, more Night Of The Living Dead fun for the kiddies…and other tangents!

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