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Episode 46: A tribute to Bernie Wrightson


Originally released on March 28, 2017, just a short time after master artist Bernie Wrightson passed away from his long battle with cancer. Host Douglas Arthur and regular G.O.O.C.H. Squad (Gang Of Occassional Co-Hosts) members, Brian Curtis, Jim Fitzsimons, and Madcap Michael Nobel convene to discuss the long and glorious legacy of the master illustrator’s career. Highlights include his comics work with Swamp Thing, Batman: The Cult, and Frankenstein, as well as his movie work designing creatures for GhostBusters, The Mist, and Galaxy Quest, not to mention his frequent collaborations with Stephen King (Creepshow, Cycle Of The Werewolf).

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This is the new home for my podcast Assault Of the 2-Headed Space Mules! Begun in 2011, using iWeb on my Mac, then moving to Podomatic for a few years, it now comes here to Wordpress, where i can store a whole lot more for a whole lot less!


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