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Episode 57: Now It Can Be Told! An interview with Michael Pilmer of Devo, Inc.!

Host Douglas Arthur interviews Michael Pilmer, the man behind the meticulous Devo-Obssesso website, and the long-time assistant archivist for Devo. Topics cover his journey to super-fan and then to employee of Devo, Inc. as well as his own projects like industrial band Silica Gel. A big part of the discussion is talking about the new book from publisher Rocket 88, Devo: The Brand/Devo Unmasked, a collection of rare photos and memories from the archives of the band! Continue reading

Episode 56: The First Ever Assault of the 2-Headed Space Mules Colossal Cover Song Quiz!

Recorded on June 9th, 2018 and finally making its debut here in August as prophesized, host Douglas Arthur, suffering from an extreme case of microphone lag, and early morning shpelkis, convened the G.O.O.C.H. Squad to play a deadly game of Guess the Cover Song! Sprinkled throughout are tunes to terrible to contemplate, maddening music on … Continue reading

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