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Episode 61: A Space Mule Tribute to Stan Lee

Host Douglas Arthur convenes the G.O.O.C.H. Squad for a free-wheeling and heart-felt look at the life and times of fallen comics creator, Stan Lee, who passed away early last week. The gang discuss the legacy and some of the controversy revolving around one of the most influential makers of pop culture of the last 100 … Continue reading

Episode 60: A Peek inside the twisted mind of Jason Yungbluth

Host Douglas Arthur sits down for an in depth interview with comics creator Jason Yungbluth, the man responsible for the great satirical graphic novel Weapon Brown, as well as the current humor anthology Peek. We talk about his influences, Weapon Brown, Peek, Beepo and Roadkill, Clarissa, Charlie Hebdo and censorship, and his recent tangles with … Continue reading

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