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Episode 68: Stan & Jack & Steve: A Conversation About the Marvel Method with Rick Arthur

Host Douglas Arthur is joined by his brother Rick for an extemporaneous conversation about Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko. What started off as a conversation about the new book Stan Lee: An Amazing Life by Danny Fingeroth, turned into a full-blown breakdown of the Marvel Method of creating comics and how it lead to … Continue reading

Episode 63: Requiem for a King – A Tribute to my Father

  Host Douglas Arthur is joined by his older brother Rick to recount stories and memories of their father who passed away in May 2019. Listen in as they recount the many ways that he guided them on their journey and toward their taste in popular culture…from old-time radio, to comic books and movies, this … Continue reading

Episode 61: A Space Mule Tribute to Stan Lee

Host Douglas Arthur convenes the G.O.O.C.H. Squad for a free-wheeling and heart-felt look at the life and times of fallen comics creator, Stan Lee, who passed away early last week. The gang discuss the legacy and some of the controversy revolving around one of the most influential makers of pop culture of the last 100 … Continue reading

Episode 60: A Peek inside the twisted mind of Jason Yungbluth

Host Douglas Arthur sits down for an in depth interview with comics creator Jason Yungbluth, the man responsible for the great satirical graphic novel Weapon Brown, as well as the current humor anthology Peek. We talk about his influences, Weapon Brown, Peek, Beepo and Roadkill, Clarissa, Charlie Hebdo and censorship, and his recent tangles with … Continue reading

Episode 59: A Space Mules Halloween Special: People of the Dark

Host Douglas Arthur sits down and reads the classic Robert E. Howard 1932 horror yarn, People of the Dark, just in time for Halloween. Notable for being the first precursory appearance of Conan the Barbarian, and for being considered a part of H.P. Lovecraft’s C’Thulhu Mythos, People of the Dark is a noirish mash-up of … Continue reading

Episode 58: White Water/Black Peak: An Interview with Emily Hanby

Host Douglas Arthur interviews designer, illustrator, and graphic Novelist Emily Hanby, whose 2017 graphic novel Black Peak is making the rounds, and her follow-up, White Water is currently being serialized online. We talk about her process, her influences, and Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Along the way we touch on Michael Moorcock, Event Horizon, and … Continue reading

Episode 57: Now It Can Be Told! An interview with Michael Pilmer of Devo, Inc.!

Host Douglas Arthur interviews Michael Pilmer, the man behind the meticulous Devo-Obssesso website, and the long-time assistant archivist for Devo. Topics cover his journey to super-fan and then to employee of Devo, Inc. as well as his own projects like industrial band Silica Gel. A big part of the discussion is talking about the new book from publisher Rocket 88, Devo: The Brand/Devo Unmasked, a collection of rare photos and memories from the archives of the band! Continue reading

Episode 56: The First Ever Assault of the 2-Headed Space Mules Colossal Cover Song Quiz!

Recorded on June 9th, 2018 and finally making its debut here in August as prophesized, host Douglas Arthur, suffering from an extreme case of microphone lag, and early morning shpelkis, convened the G.O.O.C.H. Squad to play a deadly game of Guess the Cover Song! Sprinkled throughout are tunes to terrible to contemplate, maddening music on … Continue reading

Episode 53: Bonus Mystery Outtake Show #6

Host Douglas Arthur rummages through the archives to put together an engaging collection of outtakes from the last few years, touching on all manner of topics ranging from Shin Godzilla, Ken Russell, Twin Peaks, King Crimson, cribs, SnapChat, Jim Steranko, and the acting talent of William Shatner, amongst many others. Featured guests include: Brian Curtis, … Continue reading

Episode 52: A Space Mules Halloween Special: E.F. Benson’s The Bus-Conductor

Host Douglas Arthur reads E.F. Benson’s classic 1905 horror tale, The Bus-Conductor, with an all new soundtrack created by Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience! Snuggle in and enjoy! Happy Halloween from Assault of the 2-Headed Space Mules! Originally released on October 31, 2017.

Episode 51: Close Encounters at 40, Part 2

Join host Douglas Arthur and the GOOCH Squad for part 2 of their discussion of Stephen Spielberg’s 1977 UFO masterpiece, Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Touching on the symbolism, cultural impact, music, and much more! Plus try to guess another spot where I had to edit out Michael’s discussion of Melinda Dillon’s wardrobe and … Continue reading

Episode 50: Close Encounters at 40, Part 1

Join host Douglas Arthur as he rounds up the G.O.O.C.H. Squad for a free-wheeling and strangely informative discussion of Stephen Spielberg’s 1977 classic film of discovery and imagination, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Doug, Brian Curtis, Jim Fitzsimons, and Michael Nobel touch on the symbolism, cultural impact, music, and much more! Plus…try to guess … Continue reading

Episode 49: I Want My Cake: A Tribute to George Romero, Part 2

Host Douglas Arthur continues his discussion with G.O.O.C.H. Squad members Jim Fitzsimons, Brian Curtis, and Michael Nobel about the career of filmmaker George A. Romero who passed away in July. A rousing roundtable discussion of some of his best known and lesser known works, including Tales From The Darkside, Monkeyshines, Martin, Creepshow, and more! Originally … Continue reading

Episode 47: A Beast Among The Civilized: An Interview with Musician Tom McWatters

Host Douglas Arthur presents a unique version of the semi-regular feature, The Best Albums You’ve Never Heard, by actually having the artist on hand to interview and go track by track. Local musician Tom McWatters shares his thoughts about his classic under-heard 2010 album A Beast Among The Civilized. Doug is surprised to learn about … Continue reading

Episode 46: A tribute to Bernie Wrightson

Originally released on March 28, 2017, just a short time after master artist Bernie Wrightson passed away from his long battle with cancer. Host Douglas Arthur and regular G.O.O.C.H. Squad (Gang Of Occassional Co-Hosts) members, Brian Curtis, Jim Fitzsimons, and Madcap Michael Nobel convene to discuss the long and glorious legacy of the master illustrator’s … Continue reading

Episode 45: The Gift Of The Magi

Host Douglas Arthur reads the classic O. Henry short story The Gift Of The Magi, just in time for Christmas. Curl up with some cocoa and have a listen!

Episode 44: Bonus Mystery Outtake Show #5

Host Douglas Arthur wraps up 2016 with a bunch of clips that found their way to the cutting room floor, featuring GOOCH Squad members Michael Noble, Jim Fitzsimons, and Brian Curtis, as well as guests Chris MArtinez, Tom McWatters and Colleen McWatters. Plus a mini-tribute to the late musician Greg Lake.

Episode 43: Have You Ever Been To Elizabethtown? (with guest Steve Spears!)

Host Douglas Arthur is joined by special guest Steve Spears of the long-running podcast Stuck In the 80’s to discuss the film work of Cameron Crowe, focussing on the under seen 2005 movie Elizabethtown. For fans of the Stuck in the 80’s show, this episode is like a long extended version of the segment “What … Continue reading

Episode 40: Twenty Questions With Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience

The tables are turned on this episode as host Douglas Arthur becomes the guest and is interviewed by Michael Noble about his side project: the one-man-band known only as Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience and his newest release Train Wrecks And Hobo Love Songs, Volume 2 which was released on February 23, 2016. Doug and Michael discuss … Continue reading

Episode 39: Long Live David Bowie, Part 2

Part two of our two part discussion of David Bowie’s career folloing his death from cancer on January 10th. Host Douglas Arthur is joined by GOOCH ™ (Gang Of Occasional Co-Hosts)members Jim ” Dr. Dim” Fitzsimons, Brian “Macho Man” Curtis, and Michael “Get Off My Lawn” Noble as they share favorite albums, favorite songs, and … Continue reading

Episode 38: Long Live David Bowie, Part 1

Part one of our two part discussion of David Bowie’s career folloing his death from cancer on January 10th. Host Douglas Arthur is joined by GOOCH ™ (Gang Of Occasional Co-Hosts)members Jim ” Dr. Dim” Fitzsimons, Brian “Macho Man” Curtis, and Michael “Get Off My Lawn” Noble as they share favorite albums, favorite songs, and … Continue reading

Episode 36: Theater Of The Absurd

Host Douglas Arthur interviews the trio behind the new animated web series, Theater of the Absurd, a stop motion rumination on the inner workings of a movie theater in a surreal universe. Hijinks ensue. Featuring writers/animators/voice actors: Tom McWaters, Colleen McWaters, and Chris Martinez. (Stick around for an Easter Egg!) Music By Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience … Continue reading

Episode 24: A Quick One While He’s Away…

Host Douglas Arthur talks about his then upcoming book Antisocial Lawnmower and appearing at FantaCon 2013, and how it predicates him not making new episodes for a few months.

Episode 16: Bonus Mystery Outtake Show #2! More Dead! Less Red!

Bonus Mystery Outtake Show featuring leftover bits from Episode 15 with Michael Noble! So, more Night Of The Living Dead fun for the kiddies…and other tangents!

Episode 15: The Day Before The Night Of the Living Dead

Host Douglas Arthur and guest Michael Noble convene once again, this time to discuss the classic zombie horror film from 1968, George Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead!

Episode 12: The Truth About Devolution Part 1

Part one of a two-part episode discussing the history of America’s favorite devolutionary band: DEVO! Host Douglas Arthur is joined by Michael Noble of Cliqueclack.com for a rousing romp through the ephemera of the most unlikely rock superstars of the early 80’s to come out of Akron, Ohio! Duty now, spuds!

Episode 11: Top Ten Graphic Novels

Guest Brian Curtis, Associate Professor of English at Nashville Community College joins host Douglas Arthur for a freewheeling discussion on their favorite graphic novels! Great for those who might be new to the genre and need guidance or the seasoned comic book fan who might hear about some titles they’ve never known or tried. The … Continue reading

Episode 10: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Get Spanked

Host Douglas Arthur and guest Chad Biernacki of The Bupkis Show take a good natured tour through the fertile comic landscape of Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Along the way they even find time to discuss 50 Shades Of Grey, Fawlty Towers, It Came From Schenectady, and properly holding a microphone so to not … Continue reading

Episode 9: The Dark Knight Rises (And Converges)

Fresh from the screening room, your host Douglas Arthur and his brother Rick take on the complexities of the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Many details and plot twists are discussed, so don’t listen to the show until after you’ve seen the movie! Unless, of course, you want … Continue reading

Episode 8: The Devolved History of Island Of Lost Souls

Your host Douglas Arthur flies solo for the first time as he discusses one of his favorite “Holy Grail” films: Island Of Lost Souls (1932) starring Charles Laughton as the titular Dr. Moreau. Along with chatting about the history of this controversial adaptation of H.G. Welles classic story, Doug discusses the impact this film had … Continue reading

Episode 7: Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience-Perfunctus

This episode is a unique look into the creative process as host Douglas Arthur shares a work in progress 60 minute ambient music piece called Perfunctus by his one-man band Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience. If you enjoy the work of Brian Eno and Robert Fripp, you may just get something out of this one…

Episode 6: The Strange World Of John Carpenter (with guest Brian Curtis)

Episode 6 finds host Doug Arthur chatting about the career and themes of Director John Carpenter with guest Brian Curtis, Assistant professor of English at Nashville State Community College. We talk about his bigger hits like Halloween, but delve into our personal favorites like Big Trouble In Little China, In The Mouth Of Madness, They … Continue reading

Episode 5: Gojira! (with guests Michael Noble and Rick Arthur)

This episode marks Assault Of The 2-Headed Space Mules first cross-continental three-way! Bringing together the talents of host Douglas Arthur, brother Rick from upstate NY and frequent contributor Michael Noble of Cliqueclack.com from sunny California! In this one we jabber on about the greatest giant rubber lizrd movie ever made…the original 1954 Japanese version of … Continue reading

Episode 4: The Worst Superhero Movies (with guest Michael Noble)

Episode 4_ Worst Superhero Movies (with guest Michael Noble) Jaunty host Douglas Arthur once again engages in conversation with Michael Noble of Cliqueclack.com, this time ruminating over some of the worst superhero movies ever made! This is part two of last episode’s discussion about the best superhero movies. Doug and Michael ruminate about what makes … Continue reading

Episode 3: The Best Superhero Movies

Episode 3_ Top Superhero Movies Episode 3 of Assault Of The 2-Headed Space Mules. Join host Douglas Arthur and guest host Rick Arthur as they discuss thier favorite superhero movies! From Batman to Spiderman and lots of surprises! This was originally recorded and released in early 2012, so I don’t want to hear from butt-hurt … Continue reading

Episode 2: Kolchak The Night Stalker

Here is episode 2 of Assault Of the 2-Headed Space Mules! Originally released back in 2011, it features host Douglas Arthur chatting with his brother Rick Arthur, of TMNT fame, about their favorite show growing up in the mid-70’s: Kolchak, The Night Stalker! Darren McGavin’s show was short-lived but was hugely influential, as it inspired … Continue reading

Episode 1: Mad Monster Party

  This is Episode 1 of Assault Of the 2-Headed Space Mules. Originally published in October 2011. Join Host Douglas Arthur and guest Michael Noble of Cliqueclack.com as they discuss the cult classic Rankin/Bass animated feature film Mad Monster Party!

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